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Bali, Cangguon the map
What's for sale:stylish kids clothes for girls
  • Age:2-10 years
  • Language:English, Indonesian
  • Schedule:daily
  • Working hours:10:00 - 16:00
Portrait of the moon represents hybridity and freedom, openness, connection with play and nature. Embroidered linens inspired by the poetic patterns of the Moon's majestic light. Soft textures and colours representing the Moons yin energy; cool and deep. Each style embodying her effortless charm and powerlully alluring pull - Through lunar phases, she dances with waves, her light floating across hemispheres, communicating her love for the world through her gentle glow. Her image present everywhere and forever evolving, marking the passage of time. Connected with the emotional body, working in harmony with the cycles of nature. She is the elder, the teacher, the keeper of wisdom, and holder of compassion.