Malinki Kids Merta Sari - Kindergarten

Bali, Seminyak & Umalason the map
Price:from 450 000 idr a day, 7.5m idr a month, 500 000 idr entry fee
  • Age:4-7 years
  • Language:English
  • Min. duration:0 months
  • Working hours:9:00 - 17:00
  • Single drop off:yes
We are a team of experienced teachers, psychologists, tutors and educators who have worked for over 10 years all across the world in our respective fields. We have created our own child development methodology where we are focused on the rapid assimilation of information in a multicultural environment which in turn will allow your child to grow not only mentally, but socially as well. This will be of a great advantage for your children to be able to adapt to a multitude of new situations and environments. Our kindergarten is concerned, not only about the body and psyche of your children, but also about their prolonged happiness in the future.
There are a lot of different events for kids: master classes, pajama party, movie night, excursions, parents day ect