Educational Academy Light - Primary School


Primary School

by Educational Academy Light
Bali, Ubud
Price:from 9.5m idr per month, from 42.5m idr for six months, from 75m idr a year. Annual fee: 5m idr
  • Age:7-10 years
  • Language:English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Min. duration:1 months
  • Working hours:8:30 - 16:00
  • Single drop off:no
This group is designed to develop all basic skills necessary for working with information (reading, counting, writing, cognitive abilities such as logical thinking, spatial orientation, understanding, calculation, learning, speech, reasoning ability, concentration, memory, speed, etc.), to expand knowledge about the world around (natural, social, historical, cultural and traditional, communicative, etc.), to form a general culture, spiritual, moral, civic, social, personal and intellectual development
Emphasis is placed on the development in the child self-education (revealing universal moral values), self-discipline (acquiring the skill of creating and following rules, student organization), self-learning (mastering the tools for searching, processing information and obtaining results).
Academic year: 10 months.
July and August - summer camp.
We offer trial weeks as well.