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Primary School

by Varvara Sunshine school
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Price:from 9.5m idr + enrollment fee 5m idr
  • Age:7-11 years
  • Language:Russian
  • Min. duration:2 months
  • Working hours:9.00 - 16.00 mon-fri
  • Single drop off:no
In our school we keep children's love and interest in learning and exploration alive, and we also aim to teach them how to learn and plan for their own future. Instead of strict discipline, we use project activities that are relevant to children at this time. Each project is chosen based on the children's interest and contains a question to explore or create something. For example, in Project Fair, children can create their own business projects, present them, and learn about pricing and counting right in the game. Or in the "Journey Around the World" project children can explore the geography of travel and the process itself.