8 Unforgettable Experiences for Kids in Bali

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8 Unforgettable Experiences for Kids in Bali

Bali is a tropical paradise that offers a multitude of activities for families to enjoy. From its breathtaking natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage, Bali is the perfect destination for families looking for an adventure. Here are 8 must-try experiences that are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.
8 Unforgettable Experiences for Kids in Bali

Celebrate Galungan and Kuningan with Joy and Vibrance

Galungan and Kuningan are two of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in Bali. These traditional festivals mark the victory of good over evil and are held twice a year to honor the ancestors.

During Galungan, the streets of Bali are filled with vibrant decorations, offerings, and ceremonies. The island comes alive with the sounds of traditional music, and families can witness the creation of intricate offerings made from rice, flowers, and other traditional items. Children will be fascinated by the colorful decorations and offerings, and will learn about the importance of these celebrations in Balinese culture.


Kuningan marks the end of Galungan and is celebrated with even more ceremonies and offerings. Children will be entertained by traditional dances and music, and can participate in fun and interactive activities such as making offerings and decorating homes.

For families, Galungan and Kuningan are a unique opportunity to experience the rich culture and traditions of Bali. Whether they are participating in ceremonies, watching performances, or simply observing the festivities, families are sure to have a memorable time during these vibrant and joyful celebrations.

In some villages, children can also join in the local Barong procession, which is a central part of the celebrations. They can carry offerings, wear traditional attire, and join in the parade, making the experience even more immersive and educational for them.

Galungan and Kuningan offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Bali and are a must-see for families visiting the island

Get Up Close with Dolphins in Lovina


Lovina is a peaceful coastal town located on the northern coast of the island, known for its crystal-clear waters and friendly dolphins.

Visitors can take a boat tour to observe these fascinating creatures as they play and jump in the waves. Children will be amazed as they watch the dolphins swim and interact with the boat, and may even have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to connect with nature and learn about these magnificent creatures.

In addition to dolphin watching, families can also explore the beautiful beaches and serene waters of Lovina, taking in the stunning scenery and relaxing in the sun. This is a great opportunity for kids to get active and enjoy the great outdoors, and for families to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether they are watching dolphins, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beach, families are sure to have a wonderful time in Lovina. This is a unique and memorable experience that is sure to be a highlight of any family's trip to Bali.

Marvel at the Traditional Balinese Dance Barong


This vibrant and colorful dance tells the story of good versus evil, and is performed by skilled dancers in intricate costumes and masks. The performance is accompanied by live gamelan music, creating a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

As children watch the dance, they will learn about the rich cultural heritage of Bali and the importance of preserving traditions. They will be captivated by the colorful costumes, intricate movements, and lively music, and will have the opportunity to learn about the symbolism behind the performance.

The Barong dance is performed in various locations throughout Bali, including cultural centers and tourist villages. Families can enjoy the performance in a traditional open-air theater, surrounded by lush tropical scenery. This is a truly unique experience that is both educational and entertaining, and is sure to be a highlight of any family's trip to Bali.

Explore the Sweet World of the Junglegold Factory


The junglegold Factory is a unique and exciting experience for families visiting Bali. This chocolate factory offers an interactive tour where children can learn about the process of making chocolate, from selecting the finest cocoa beans to wrapping the finished product. The factory uses only the finest ingredients to create their delicious chocolates, and visitors can sample the different flavors and textures.

At the Junglegold Factory, kids will learn about the importance of using sustainable and fair trade ingredients, and the impact that their choices can have on the environment and local communities. They will also have the opportunity to create their chocolates, using a variety of ingredients and flavors. This is a fun and educational experience that is sure to delight kids and adults alike.

In addition to the tour, the factory also has a cafe and shop where visitors can purchase a variety of chocolate products to take home. Whether they are learning about the chocolate-making process or indulging in sweet treats, families are sure to have a fantastic time at the Junglegold Factory.

Get Active at Bali Wake Park


Bali Wake Park is a fun and exciting destination for families with kids. Kids will love the adrenaline rush of gliding across the water, and parents can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of the park's lounging areas.

The park is equipped with a state-of-the-art cable system, which allows visitors to wakeboard and wakesurf without the need for a boat. This makes it easy and convenient for families with kids to enjoy the water sports, and offers a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of the sport.

In addition to wakeboarding and wakesurfing, the park has a water park that is perfect for young children and those who are not yet very confident in the water and are not ready to get up on a wakeboard. The water park has many water rides, including slides, pools and fountains, and is a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat on a hot day

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Play and Learn with Mepantigan


Mepantigan is a traditional Balinese game that is growing in popularity among families with kids. This game is a fun and unique way to experience the island's rich culture and history.

Mepantigan is played with a ball made of woven bamboo and requires a combination of agility, skill, and strategy. The objective of the game is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, using only your body. Players can use any part of their body, except for their hands, to keep the ball aloft.

One of the best things about Mepantigan is that it can be played by people of all ages, making it a great activity for families with kids. The game is also a great way for kids to get some exercise and improve their coordination, balance, and teamwork skills.

In addition to being a fun and active game, Mepantigan also offers a unique opportunity to learn about Balinese culture. The game has roots in ancient tradition and is still played in many rural communities on the island. By participating in Mepantigan, families with kids can learn about the island's history and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Mepantigan is a unique and fun activity that families with kids should consider when visiting Bali. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, this traditional game is sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Play Traditional Games and Learn About Culture


Traditional games in Bali are a fun and exciting way for families with kids to experience the island's rich culture and heritage. These games offer a unique opportunity to learn about the island's history and to participate in the local traditions.

Some popular traditional games in Bali include Sepak Takraw, where players use their feet to keep a rattan ball in the air, and Congklak, a strategy game played with shells. These games are great for kids as they help to improve coordination, strategy, and teamwork skills.

Another popular traditional game in Bali is Tjentong, which is a type of target shooting game. This game involves using a bow and arrow to shoot at a target, and is a great way for kids to develop their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

In addition to being fun and educational, traditional games in Bali are also a great way for families with kids to immerse themselves in the local culture. These games are often played during festivals and events, and provide a glimpse into the daily life and traditions of the local community.

Support Turtle Conservation Efforts


It is a meaningful and educational activity for families with kids visiting Bali. This is an opportunity for kids to learn about the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures and the role they play in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

In Bali, some several organizations and initiatives work to protect and conserve sea turtles. These organizations often offer educational programs and tours that give families with kids a hands-on experience of turtle conservation efforts.

For example, families can visit turtle hatcheries, where they can learn about the life cycle of sea turtles, and help to release baby turtles into the ocean. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about the species, their habitats, and the challenges they face, such as plastic pollution and overfishing.

In addition to learning about turtle conservation efforts, families with kids can also take an active role in helping to protect sea turtles by participating in beach clean-up activities, or by donating to support conservation organizations

Master Balinese Cooking with a Cooking Class


Taking a cooking class is a fun and educational activity for families with kids visiting Bali. This is an opportunity for kids to learn about the island's rich culinary heritage, and to get hands-on experience in preparing traditional dishes.

In Bali, many cooking classes offer families with kids the chance to learn about the local cuisine and to try their hand at preparing some of the island's most famous dishes. These classes are often held in local homes or traditional cooking schools, providing families with an authentic and immersive experience.

During these classes, kids will learn about the local ingredients and spices used in Balinese cooking, and how they are used to create the island's famous dishes. They will also get hands-on experience in preparing these dishes, from chopping vegetables to cooking and plating their creations.

Not only is taking a cooking class a fun and educational experience for kids, it is also a great way for families to bond and create lasting memories. Kids will love learning about the local cuisine and sharing their creations with the rest of the family.

Bali is a magical destination for families with kids, offering endless opportunities for learning, adventure, and fun. Whether your family is seeking an immersive cultural experience, or simply a chance to relax and unwind, Bali has something to offer everyone. So, why wait? Book your trip to Bali today and start exploring all this amazing island has to offer!

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